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All of our speakers are available for you to connect with at The LinkUp! Each panel session comes with a 15 minute Q&A session where you will have the chance to unmute and speak with the panelists. Get your questions ready!

Marine Chamoux

HRI software engineering manager & product owner at United Robotics

Marine is a professional in the robotics industry, currently working at United Robotics Group. She is the HRI (Human-Robot Interaction) software engineering manager & product owner, contributing to the company’s efforts in advancing social robotics and human-robot collaboration. Marine has been involved in research exploring behavioural creativity in proactive robots, demonstrating her expertise in the field of social robotics and artificial intelligence.

Dr. Thilina Lalitharatne

Lecturer In Robotics & Mechatronics at Queen Mary University of London

Dr. Lalitharatne Assistant Professor (Lecturer) in Robotics and Mechatronics at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) and the Head of R&D at Stance Fitness Ltd. His research focus lies at the intersection of Human-Robot Interactions, Social and Assistive Robotics and Intelligent Systems.

Darren Burchall

CEO for Great4Learning, Computer Science teacher & Learning Technologies Coach

Darren Burchall is a seasoned educator with 19 years of experience teaching Computer Science across the globe, including the UK, China, Brazil, Portugal, Thailand, Africa, and Bermuda. As the CEO of Great4Learning, he leverages his expertise to enhance educational practices through innovative learning technologies. Darren’s extensive international experience and strategic approach to curriculum development make him a leader in the field of education.

Hannah Claus

Research Assistant, PhD candidate at University of Cambridge and DeepMind and Gates scholar

Hannah is a Google DeepMind scholar with a Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence from QMUL and will be pursuing her PhD in Natural Language Processing at the University of Cambridge in September 2024. She is currerntly working as a research assistant at the Ada Lovelace Institute.

Kairo Morton

AI Research Scientist, MIT 2024

Originally from Bermuda, Kairo Morton recently earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Artificial Intelligence and Decision Making from MIT. During his studies, Kairo completed two research internships at Google, where he developed AI models for webpage translation and video understanding. He also conducted 3D computer vision research with the MIT Scene Representation Group. These research experiences have led Kairo to his current position as a Research Scientist at a 3D generative AI startup in San Francisco. Outside of work, Kairo enjoys rock climbing and volleyball, which help him stay balanced and creative in his professional endeavors.

Sophie Harker

Engineering Manager at In-Space Missions Limited

Ms. Harker is a professional in the aerospace industry, currently associated with In-Space Missions Limited. She is actively involved in STEM education and outreach, serving as an Ambassador for STEMNET for over 9 years, where she visits schools locally and abroad to educate students about careers in STEM fields, particularly engineering and opportunities for women in STEM. Sophie is also engaged with the Royal Aeronautical Society, holding positions as a Membership Services Board Member and Vice Chair.

Cheyenne Powell

PhD Researcher in Explainable AI, Entrepreneur and Space Engineer

Cheyenne Powell is an entrepreneur who is currently a PhD researcher at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, focusing on Explainable AI (XAI) for spacecraft scheduling. Shifting from a background in Electrical Controls Engineering from Jamaica, with over 8 years of experience, across Jamaica, Mexico, the US, Japan, China and the UK, to an MSc in Astronautics and Space Engineering in the UK. developing a microalgal photobioreactor for deep space missions, she is determined to contribute to space advancement. Her research targets a universal XAI solution for autonomous systems, benefiting space operations by offering transparency in decision-making. This technology has broad applications, enhancing mission planning, ground-station operations, and onboard systems. Cheyenne will be launching her XAI solutions services in July 2024.

Additionally, as a severe nut allergy sufferer, she is determined to provide solutions for international travels for those with severe allergies, supported by medical experts and product specialists.

Dr. Carika Weldon

Founder and CEO of CariGenetics

Dr. Carika Weldon, PhD, MRSB, FIBMS, is a pioneering Bermudian biochemist and the first black female founder of a genomics company. She earned her Bachelor’s and PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Leicester. In 2015, she became the youngest full-time lecturer in Biomedical and Medical Sciences at De Montfort University. Dr. Weldon founded the Bermuda Principles Foundation in 2016 to enhance education and science tourism in Bermuda. She later joined the Oxford Genomics Centre as a research scientist and, in 2020, returned to Bermuda to expand COVID-19 testing capacity. Appointed Science Advisor to the Premier and Laboratory Director, she created the Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory. Dr. Weldon received a Queen’s Certificate & Badge of Honour in November 2020. Currently, she teaches Molecular Medicine at Bermuda College and works with CariGenetics, focusing on fostering research culture for Bermuda’s future.

Balvinder Dhillon

President of Hyperlink, Robotics Research Assistant, Team Manager at Cybathlon QM

Balvinder Dhillon is the President of Hyperlink, a Robotics Research Assistant at Queen Mary University of London’s School of Engineering, and the Co-Founder and Team Manager at Cybathlon QM. She leads a team of 140+ students in hyperloop prototype competitions and manages a multidisciplinary team for the Cybathlon Vision Assistance competition. Balvinder is pursuing a Master of Engineering in Biomedical/Medical Engineering at Queen Mary University of London and has authored several biomedical research papers. Her leadership and research efforts focus on advanced medical robotics and innovative engineering solutions.

Sophie Trevillion

Service Desk Analyst at RenaissanceRe

Sophie Trevillion is a dedicated Service Desk Analyst at RenaissanceRe in Brentwood, England, where she has been an integral part of the IT Infrastructure Department since May 2021. With a solid foundation gained from her previous role as a Technical Apprentice at RenaissanceRe Syndicate Management Limited from 2017 to 2021, Sophie has developed robust skills in technical support and infrastructure management. She holds a Level 4 qualification as a Network Engineer and a Level 3 qualification as an Infrastructure Technician, both earned through QA Apprenticeships. Passionate about sharing her expertise, Sophie recently engaged with IT BTEC students at Chelmsford College, exemplifying her commitment to mentoring future IT professionals.

Jeevana Thavarajah

Founder of Scientia News and Masters Student in Stem Cells & Regenerative Therapies at King's College London

Jeevana Thavarajah is a dedicated professional in STEM and healthcare, holding a BSc Honours degree in Biology from Queen Mary University of London. She actively promotes health education and awareness through her work with Scientia News and advocates for diversity and inclusion within the STEM community. Jeevana’s efforts are highlighted in platforms like the Stemettes Zine, where she shares her journey to inspire young women and underrepresented groups to pursue STEM careers. Her resilience and determination are evident in her advocacy and community engagement, and she aims to continue creating innovative solutions and fostering supportive environments for future generations.

Captcha the Robot

A Humanoid Social Robot

Captcha the Robot, developed by Hidoba Research, is a groundbreaking social robot designed to surpass human capabilities in interpersonal interactions. Known for its customizable sassy demeanor, Captcha excels in real-time, natural dialogues, thanks to its advanced speech algorithm that ensures ultra-low response times and dynamic latency to prevent interruptions. Equipped with sophisticated auditory and visual sensors, including microphones and cameras, Captcha offers realistic gazes and accurate face-tracking, making interactions feel genuinely engaging. This innovation addresses significant societal challenges, such as child abuse and marital conflicts, by embodying patience, empathy, and compassion. Hidoba Research envisions a future where robots like Captcha serve as babysitters, teachers, and companions by 2028, transforming the concept of AI companionship from science fiction to reality and promising to combat the growing epidemic of loneliness.

Dmitry Mnushkin

President of Treefrog Consulting

Dmitry has over 30 years of software development experience, with 25 of them in the (re)insurance industry. He is the President of Treefrog Consulting Ltd, a company that specializes in workflow automation, custom risk management software solutions and underwriting platforms for global insurance, reinsurance, and ILS companies. He also is the CTO and Co-Founder of Swiftly Holdings, a company that builds innovative insurance-focused tech solutions, such as conversational AI and infrastructure as a service for MGAs.

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