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The STEM Industry Shapers

Our Speakers

Marine Chamoux

HRI software engineering manager & product owner at United Robotics

Panel: How to Raise a Robot


Dr. Thilina Lalitharatne

Lecturer In Robotics & Mechatronics at Queen Mary University of London

Panel: How to Raise a Robot


Darren Burchall

CEO for Great4Learning, Computer Science teacher & Learning Technologies Coach

Panel: How to Raise a Robot

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Hannah Claus

Research Assistant, PhD candidate at University of Cambridge and DeepMind and Gates scholar

Panel: Ethics and Bias in AI, where is the line?

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Kairo Morton

AI Research Scientist, MIT 2024

Panel: Ethics and Bias in AI, where is the line?


Sophie Harker

Engineering Manager at In-Space Missions Limited

Panel: To Infinity and Beyond!

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Cheyenne Powel

PhD Researcher in Explainable AI, Entrepreneur and Space Engineer

Panel: To Infinity and Beyond!

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Dr. Carika Weldon

Founder and CEO of CariGenetics

Panel: Gene-rational Knowledge is Power


Balvinder Dhillon

President of Hyperlink, Robotics Research Assistant, Team Manager at Cybathlon QM

Panel: The Diary of a Girl Boss


Sophie Trevillion

Service Desk Analyst at RenaissanceRe

Panel: The Diary of a Girl Boss

girl-boss-panel (1)

Jeevana Thavarajah

Founder of Scientia News and Masters Student in Stem Cells & Regenerative Therapies at King's College London

Panel: The Diary of a Girl Boss


Captcha The Robot

A Humanoid Social Robot

Panel: A Q&A with Captcha the Robot

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Dmitry Mnushkin

President of Treefrog Consulting

Panel: AI Questions Your Future Employer Wants Answers To


Panel Topics

Step into the Lab on August 9 via Zoom!

For those of you listening to the podcast and thinking ‘Wow, I wish I could talk with them’. All of our speakers will be available for a 15-minute breakout session! Get your questions ready.

* All timings are in BST (London time)

A panel discussion on social robotics, the techniques being employed for human-robot interaction and real-life applications.

A discussion on AI ethics and bias and the techniques that are (or should be) employed. How are companies ensuring that their models are secure and trained on diverse data?

A discussion on aerospace engineering. Let’s talk about what it is and what the exciting new trends are!

A play on words that emphasizes the importance of both genetic and cellular knowledge. After all, knowledge is power!

Join this panel to gain insights on making a strong impression during your AI job hunt. Leveraging Dmitry’s decades of business experience, the discussion will provide you with a head start in your AI career by outlining key problems and challenging you to develop your own compelling solutions.

Meet Your Host

Hi! I’m Kameron Young, a bilingual Bermudian Biomedical Engineering student (soon to be graduate) studying at Queen Mary University in London. I am fluent in both English and Spanish.

My journey into STEM was really ignited by my grandfather, the late Kenyetta Young, one of Bermuda’s most respected trade unionists of the Bermuda Industrial Union. When I was only three years old, my Pa gave me a screwdriver to help him with projects around the house. From changing electrical covers to playing games on the computer, this later led to building robots during my teens. Let’s just say, I continue expanding my knowledge in all things STEM-related and I simply love it!

Through my podcast, Kameron’s Lab | Dive In, I aim to give students a resource where they can find role models through interviewing industry professionals. In my pursuit of introducing students to the wonders of STEM, I have attended a variety of conferences in London, Munich, Cannes, and Paris. My hope is that students are inspired by the amazing places STEM can take them and the interesting things being developed in the industry.

Let’s connect at The LinkUp! I’d love to hear about your dream career in STEM and introduce you to some of the amazing people working in it.


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